Since 1995…

about us


It all started in 1995. In a tiny place of the Textile Industry Institute which had seen better days, the first ribbon weaving machine started to set off as the foundation of Orsó ’95 Kft. In this ruined building, hundreds of people researched, treated, abraded different textiles, since 1950, so no doubt that this place has the spirit of textiles.

The first weaving machine was followed by the second and the third… The territory of the factory has been grown by square meters. The mill became bigger and bigger. More and more auxiliary machine, twisting mill, winder, raw material, employee, and thanks to those more and more satisfied costumer has left their footmarks at the mill. In about 5 years, the technology of the braiding became clear since the raw material, the braiding machine and the knowledge was given, everything was together to start the braiding production and the first meter of rope was made.
We produced thousands of rope, tape, twine and ribbon patterns, and manufactured everything we could. Almost everything. Our very first costumers still choose us. We plan, develop and go on together.

The old building has been renovated and getting nicer. All section works, produce and employ. There are a few area left in the home market and abroad where we aren’t found directly or indirectly and only a few technology which could be new for us.

Our main goal is to keep this position. We are working on this and hope that we can measure up to all the expectations in the future.